Green Efforts; a Resort Chef’s Perceptive

Everybody now-a-days has met their fare share of hippie, altruistic, tree-hugging, eco-friendly people. They boast about being all about mother nature and saving the planet, while most of them just want to smoke mother nature and enjoy the peace and quite of no one bothering them about their meaningless existence in life.

On another extreme, there are those who have a multitude of great ideas on how to save the planet, by planting gardens, bringing in new species to populate different areas and/or introducing new ways of existence for current populations. Tho, with all good intentions, these people have no scientific background in ecology and don’t realize the disruption that most of this will cause. Those, with the scientific background to completely understand and those getting paid to research. To actually understand there are those getting paid top dollar to research, wait for it, not how to resolve the problem, but how human kind can continue depleting mother nature at the same pace and have it not halt our production levels or comfort. Instead of discontinuing fishing for a year or so to let mother nature recoup ( we all need time to recoup) scientists are just looking for ways for our destruction to go more ‘unnoticed’.

Nonetheless, after a plethora of years of these people preaching and scientists realizing that the earth will literally self destruct if nothing is done, it has now become a fad for people and businesses to “go green”. Using reusable bags for shopping, electric cars, solar panels, and more; the general public is on the move to live a ‘greener’ existence. With this new mind set people are also turning their focus to eco friendly businesses; shopping from local stores and retailers, using business with Green Seal Approval and staying at hotels and resorts using green practices.

Many corporation have these initiatives and have groups at each of their locations focusing on different punch items that can be done and different ways of bring awareness to their staff. Hyatt Earth is the corporate initiative that Hyatt Hotels have in place. At Hyatt Regency Scottsdale their Green team is fast at work planning their Earth Day Celebration. The Overall festivities will begin on March 29th 2012. A memo will be sent out encouraging people to bring in their plastic bags for reusable ones and commit to only using reusable bags for shopping. Reusable coffee and water cups will be handed out for those willing to commit to stop using disposable cups. An additional drawing for carpoolers will be held at the Entrance Awareness Celebration on April 20th 2012.

Even more exciting is the Green team will also be announcing their 2nd Annual Garbage Art contest. Director of purchasing Philippe Brenot encourages employees by stating “ I’m sure all of you have recyclable items at home that would transfer wonderfully into a piece of art, sculpture or useful items. Well, here is your chance to display your creativity, cuteness, and good use of recyclable items.” Employees can submit artwork on their own or as a group by the end of the day on April 19th. This artwork will then be displayed in the lobby of the resort so that employees and guests alike can vote on their favorite one. This event went over so well last Earth Day that HRS’s Green Team new the staff would be excited to see it again, and hopefully start a new annual contest.

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale’s green efforts do not stop here however. Not only were they the first and largest resort to install solar panels to heat their entire water supply, but they are currently looking at pairing with Global Green Integrators and Vermisoks Virtuous Cycle. By partnering with these two companies HRS will be putting 100% effort into the No Landfill Efforts. GGI will help analyze food scrap amounts and fluctuations, they will then take these food scraps and pass them along into the virtuous cycle or turning the scraps onto worm wine, which will then grown a garden where the produce can then be used at the resort. If played correctly this virtuous cycle not only helps reduce the amount in landfills, but will also generate a profit for the hotel every 6 months.

Chef Jessica Obie
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