So hopefully you’ve seen a lot of buzz about S.O.P.A & PIPA; if you’re not aware of what this, make sure to take a closer look at what this proposed federal bill will means to censorship in America. I’m going to say, this is going to be the largest protest in our history.

With “blacking out for the day and Google posting a blacked out box over it’s logo on, I hope you can see why this is working talking about a little more.

Ben Parr posted an interview he had with The Consumerist explaining what’s happening here. A couple other posts I thought were interesting was this one from Huffington Post about women and the statistics of their internet use.

However I have to say, this video really threw me off as I had never heard of “this” perspective until a friend posted it on Facebook. Heads up, the guy kind of get’s on your nerve a little or maybe that was just me; the information he shares here is pretty wild.

January 18, 2012 is going to be historic and you can be a part of it here. Just think, if this bill goes through, even this post could be shut down.